AMG Checkpoint

Our proprietary software ecosystem was built from the ground up with a focus on keeping your scheduled events and deliverables always on-time.  AMG checkpoint is our exclusive workflow rules engine that identifies the requirements of our customers and experts.  By working your preferences and processes into our workflow we can ensure your referrals go smoothly.  Our software goes through weekly updates so it is constantly evolving in order to keep up with your legal practice and the changes within your industry.

Case Scheduling

  • Case Check Points ensure that your IME’s and Record Reviews are examined every 24 to 48 hours so your referrals keep moving forward.
  • Experts that have difficulty keeping to report deadlines are tracked so customers are aware of any potential issues during the selection process.
  • Important milestone email reminders for the IME or record review are sent to ensure your timelines are being met.

Medical Records

  • AMG can work with your records retrieval vendor directly to monitor and track pending records or no records statuses.
  • Our Records Prep Sheet system ensures that records are processed according to expert preferences to minimize the time spent on review.


  • Our personalized rules engine knows each expert’s report requirements and method to ensure that we keep timelines on track to minimize late reports.
  • Client and state specific requirements are maintained for customized report fulfillment and emailed to imaging centers when needed.
  • Integration with transcription vendors to establish clear communication on report obligations and timelines.


  • We facilitate all communication, coordination and pre-payments in scheduling your experts testimony by securing the desired date and time.  With AMG Checkpoint, we send follow-up reminders for the phone conference/meeting and alerts to avoid late cancellation fees.
  • AMG Monitors dates that are secured for motions to ensure that late cancellation fees are avoided if the motion is not granted or if the motion has not been heard yet.
  • We send follow-up reminders for the phone conference or meeting to ensure that they are secured and completed.
  • AMG schedules follow-up reminders to alert of/avoid any late cancellation fees.
  • Expert prepayment requirements are maintained to guarantee that the expert has secured the event.
  • Offering of a Subpoena protection program for all of AMG’s experts (with our Litigation Team’s assistance in facilitating).


All tasks are reviewed by case manager every 24-48 hours to ensure no dates are missed


AMG communicates with all parties (including opposing counsel) directly, saving your staff an average of 1.5 hours per referral

Healthcare Compliance

HIPAA, secure facility, and secure servers