AMG Forecast

We are helping clients big and small to accurately forecast their expert costs on their cases. By providing an expected invoice range we have not only helped drive down costs through right-choosing, but also whether or not each case makes fiscal sense to pursue.  

  • We provide cost estimates upfront so that your case is always on budget.  
  • Same day cost comparisons between experts.  
  • Estimate range with built in buffer so the contingencies don’t break with your expectations. 
  • This service is even used to compare costs between AMG and our competitors. 
  • If an expert’s bill comes in above cost estimate, AMG reaches out to the expert and lobbies on your behalf for an explanation and/or reduction. 
  • This program saves thousands of dollars each week for our customers. 

“AMG forecast has helped revolutionize the way we identify case costs. We have been able to take the forecasted budget and decide whether or not it’s worth continuing down the litigation route.”

Attorney, Mix Sanders


All tasks are reviewed by case manager every 24-48 hours to ensure no dates are missed


AMG communicates with all parties (including opposing counsel) directly, saving your staff an average of 1.5 hours per referral

Healthcare Compliance

HIPAA, secure facility, and secure servers