AMG Protect

Not all experts require a protective order for their forensic financial information, but this is an AMG Advantage that we offer if you retain an expert through us on a case. The exclusive service entails at AMG’s expense.

  • Preparing a proposed protective order and serving them on the issuing party.
  • Negotiating any changes/edits to the protective order.
  • Discussing any changes with the expert.
  • Arranging for filing the protective order with the court if an agreement is reached.

The biggest benefit of using this service is that it eliminates the conflict of interest of representing your Expert Witness.

What our Experts are saying

“I felt well supported during the whirlwind subpoena, deposition etc. process. I have high regard for the service provided, the crazy fast response time, and all the many details being attended to.”

Dr. Kafrouni

Customer Case Study

Opposing counsel required a draft copy of the protective order that the expert would agree to prior to scheduling the exam. Our Litigation team was able to coordinate between AMG’s of counsel, the expert, and our client to provide the draft protective order in a timely manner.

Allstate Staff Counsel


All tasks are reviewed by case manager every 24-48 hours to ensure no dates are missed


AMG communicates with all parties (including opposing counsel) directly, saving your staff an average of 1.5 hours per referral

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HIPAA, secure facility, and secure servers