AMG Recruit

Whether it’s a remote exam location that needs a room rental or an obscure medical sub-specialty, AMG has you covered with our Recruit product. We routinely fulfill recruitment requests for our customers on-demand. Hard to find is our specialty, try us out on your next difficult case. 

  • Our recruitment team is directed by customer inflow requests. Meaning when we see that one specialty is getting many requests, we proactively recruit so as to keep supply level with demand. 
  • We provide recruiting to our customers on an on-demand basis. 
  • On average our panel increases by 15 experts each month. This is on top of AMG already having the largest panel of experts in the Pacific Northwest. 
  • AMG also recruits out of area experts, we’ve got you covered, from Maine to Hawaii. 
  • Have we missed someone? Click here to submit a recruitment request. 

“AMG’s recruitment team has helped lower our costs through location -based recruitments. We were constantly paying for experts to travel to SW Washington and now we have local experts handling these referrals.”

Allstate Staff Counsel


All tasks are reviewed by case manager every 24-48 hours to ensure no dates are missed


AMG communicates with all parties (including opposing counsel) directly, saving your staff an average of 1.5 hours per referral

Healthcare Compliance

HIPAA, secure facility, and secure servers