Expert Recruitment

With AMG Recruit, new physicians and experts are consistently added to our panel.  We are routinely asked to perform on-demand recruitments for various specialties across the country.  This happens so often that we decided it was best to form a recruitment team and this service is free for our clients.

Independent Medical Exams

Our core business is coordinating independent medical exams for law firms and insurance companies. Once an IME is requested, our schedulers provide available options based on: practice type, specialty within practice, and availability. CR35 stipulations are also addressed at this time and our team is counted on to coordinate these with opposing counsel directly. AMG handles all sorting of records by expert preference. We also handle the logistics for interpreters, transcription, exam rooms, transportation and quality assurance on all reports.


Sometimes you feel like an IME, sometimes you don’t.  Our record reviews (peer reviews) are treated with the same diligence as our IME’s and our ever-increasing footprint allows our schedulers to offer out-of-state experts.


We facilitate all communication, coordination and pre-payments in scheduling your experts testimony by securing the desired date and time.  With AMG Checkpoint, we send follow-up reminders for the phone conference/meeting and alerts to avoid late cancellation fees.

The Referral Process


All tasks are reviewed by case manager every 24-48 hours to ensure no dates are missed


AMG communicates with all parties (including opposing counsel) directly, saving your staff an average of 1.5 hours per referral

Healthcare Compliance

HIPAA, secure facility, and secure servers